Who We Are ...

     George Wakefield established GW Moulding in 2000.  He built his business on a solid foundation of exceptional customer service practices, continually updating product selection and offering only the highest quality products to his clientele.  

     George strives to create a partnership with each photographer he works with.  This alliance allows George to better understand client needs and industry trends.  GW Moulding clients are located throughout the country and include some of the most revered photographers in the nation. 

     High-end frames are hand-crafted to extraordinary standards of excellence.   GW Moulding’s outstanding level of customer service, attention to detail and ability to create custom mat designs and frames have made our company the first choice of photographers.

GW Moulding Standards


GW Moulding is capable of customizing any frame or mat layout you can imagine!  Just let us know what you need.  When your order doesn't have specific requests, we produce frames and mats using the guidelines you will find below.


Frames:  Frames are cut with a 1/8" allowance on each side.  If you need a frame cut exactly to size, please indicate "exact" on your order.


Mats, Single Opening: Mat borders are cut the same width as the accompanying moulding.  For example, a 3" moulding would dictate a 3" border for the mat.  Please provide exact specifications if you would like a different size border for your single opening mat.


 Multi-Opening Panels:  We leave 1" between each opening and a 2" border around the entire layout.  Custom layouts are available and require a drawing with the desired spacing and opening sizes. 

Product Samples

We offer several corner sample collections. You can view these by typing the following search keywords (found inside the parenthesis) into the search box located on our Mouldings page.

You can also create your own corner sample kit by selecting the mouldings that fit your needs.  Pricing is based on the size of the moulding.  

Mat Kits are available for $20.

Filet Kits are available for $15.


Studio Samples

As a thank you for choosing to display GW Moulding frames in your studio we offer you a 10% discount on studio samples.  Call us for details.

Shipping Guidelines


Return Policy

GW Moulding stands behind the quality of everything we sell and hope you’re happy with your custom frames. If you’re unsatisfied with products you purchased from GW Moulding, you can return your item(s) as follows: 

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